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 Rules of Naruto Virtue

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PostSubject: Rules of Naruto Virtue   Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:14 pm

The Rules & Regulations of Naruto Virtue

Welcome to NV! We understand that everyone would like to begin their experience as a brand new member as fast as possible- however, as on just about any online community/forum, there are some rules that we expect you to be familiar with and abide by! Please note that these rules are subject to change with or without warning, so it would behoove you to stop by from time to time just to be on the safe side. As always, if you have any questions regarding these rules you may refer to a member of the Administration, Staff, or The Rules area of our board. Keep in mind to read through the topics though, your problem may have already been resolved.

  • List of Contents:
    -General Rules of the Board.
    -Rules for Roleplay.
    -Graphics Guidelines.
    -Warning and Punishment System.

  • General Rules of the Board:

    »Have Fun- First and foremost, you should be having fun. That is NV's primary focus. Everyone on the board should be having a good time.

    »Respect- Respect yourself, your fellow player, and the staff. This means that you are kind to everyone, and helpful to those that need help. You need to heed the moderators when they tell you to do something. Rude and immature behavior is not acceptable, nor will it be tolerated.

    »Staff & Administration- Whether an Administrator or a Moderator tell you to do something, do not argue. We choose our staff members very carefully here at Naruto Virtue, and they will treat you with respect. We need you, the user, to listen and respect them to make the correct decision.

    »Prejudicial Statements//Flaming- Any comment that falls under anything that can be considered as prejudice will be removed on sight. It is your job as a member to not flame another, or make any derogatory comment based off of race, sexual orientation, etc. We take comments like this extremely seriously, and they are never acceptable on any level.

    »Private Information- Do not give out personal information to people on our site. It is not safe and we do not want any scandals or strange things going around. Remember to be safe. Keep who you are safe. We will not be held responsible for the events that happen outside of this forum, or private matters between two members.

    »In Short- Be honest, be Kind, be the Best that You can Be.

  • Rules for Roleplay:

    »No One Liners- We understand you want to have fun just like we want to have fun but please, use more than one line on at least your screen, and remember one of the most important rules, have fun.

    »PG-13- This is a site for all ages, meaning that anything that is pornographic in nature is strictly prohibited. You must remember to also keep the cursing and swearing to a minimal amount. Just use common sense and things will work out.

    »Godmodding is illegal.- Godmodding, or anything taking control over the other persons actions without their consent is illegal. I understand there are many ways around this rule, because certain users have used them before. But please, do not Godmod. It is not fair to the other RPers on the site, and this will be taken into consideration for banning.
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Rules of Naruto Virtue
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