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 Uchiha Rasuken

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PostSubject: Uchiha Rasuken   Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:41 am

~General Information~
Name: Uchiha Rasuken
- Nickname: Silent Shadow
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 28th July
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Lion
Gender: Male
Clan: Uchiha

~Character Information~
Appearance: Roten stands at a fairly tall six foot three and weights an incredibly toned one-hundred and twenty kilos. He wears a large black cloak, with a large cowl that when pulled over, it covers all of his face except his mouth. Underneath the large cloak is a full-body black combat suit. It fits tightly to the skin, assisting ease of movement in combat. Horizontally placed along the centre of his back is the Suntetsu blade. Strapped going down the centre of his back is the Ōwazamono. He wears two retractable wrist blades, one for each arm. His Ukehan is placed in the centre of his back, in blood red, a special ritual that was changed when he became Grand Master. He has the mark of the order burned on the palms of both of his hands as well.
Personality: Rasuken is a very brave man, and a very loyal one as well. It is hard to gain his trust as he is also quite secretive, as one most be when they are the head of an organization. He believes in the creed of the Chinkonkishin with all his being, following it all to the letter. He is very strict with training as well, very driven to be better, and to accomplish things with more skill each time. He tries to give all his peers the same drive to be the best they can be. He is very friendly, but those who don’t know him may seem him as harsh. He tells things as they are.

~Clan Information~
Clan Link: Uchiha Clan
Ability Summary The Uchiha clan's Sharingan is an evolution from the Byakugan (Evil Eye) of the Hyuga Kekkei genkai.
It can be used to see through an opponent's jutsu as well as copy it, although it cannot copy Kekkei genkai jutsu. It can also be used to predict opponent’s movements and is said to be able to be used to perform some of the most powerful genjutsu.

~Rank/Village Information~
Rank: Grand Master of the Order (Preferred.)
Village: Chinkonkishin
~Skill Information~
Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu - Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: Fuuton (Learned how to use Raiton and Toton during his life)
Special Characteristics: He has extreme physical prowess with stamina, speed and strength that he has yet seen matched. He also has quite impressive skills with Ninjutsu. His use of Genjutsu is below average, any illusions he causes not having the fully desired effect. He has inherited skill in Fuinjutsu as according to the requirements of the Chinkonkishin. His use of sharingan helps him, though it is strange as to why he has never been a proficient user of genjutsu, though he persists at improving.

Non-Elemental Jutsu:
1.) Washihishou No Jutsu (Eagle Flight Technique) B rank. The technique requires no hand signs and allows the user to pump chakra into their muscles, including their optic nerves. This allows for increased physical strength, speed and agility. It also gives one enhaced sight, much clearer and efficient than mundane vision.
2.) Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Art of the Shadow Doppleganger) B Rank. This techniques allows the user to create clones of oneself. Though unlike the Bunshin Jutsu, these clones are not merely illusions but actual physical clones, able to take a few hits before disappearing. They can attack and even use jutsu.
3.) Shosen Jutsu (Mystical Palm Technique) A rank. This technique focuses the users chakra into their hand, turning their hand into a sharp chakra knife. This allows the user to cut the opponents muscles, causing no damage to the skin, rather passing through the outer layer and cutting muscles, tendons, and even organs on the inside. When activated the hand glows with a bright green flame.
4.) Chakura Kyuin Jutsu (Chakra Absorbtion technique) A rank. This technique allows the user to absorb chakra from their opponent on touch. Their hand glows with a dull blue flame when activated.

-Canon Non-ElementalJutsu-

Elemental Jutsu:
1.) Raiton: Furiokosukeidenki (Lightning release: Electrical Enhancer. ) C rank. This jutsu has no handsigns and is simply the concentration of electricity in the user, amplifying hand-to-hand damage and sends an electrical current into the nervous system of an opponent when they come into contact.
2.) Fuuton: Kaze Hashi No Jutsu (Wind Release: Wind Bridge Technique) C rank. After focusing on an object, performing a small number of handseals and releasing the necessary amounts of the chakra, the user can envelope an object in a ball of wind. This allows the user to control the wind-chakra orb and therefore the object inside it. This is useful for moving objects that are hard to read.
3.) Dekyuu (Light Bulb) D rank As the technique suggests, this technique creates light, using electrical energy. The user forms electrical chakra in the palm of his/her hand, creating a source of light.
4.)Fuuton: Fookobushi (Wind Release: Wind Fists) C Rank. This jutsu requires no hand-signs, just the release of chakra. Chakra is released in concussive wind blasts from closed-fist strikes, essentially allowing the user to strike his opponent with blunt blasts of chakra from a short distance.

-Custom or Canon Elemental Jutsu-

Stats: ✖️Stats System
Physical Stats
Speed: Kage
Stamina: Kage
Strength: Kage
Agility: Kage
Physical Endurance: Kage
Chakra Stats
Chakra Reserves: Kage
Chakra Control: Kage
Intelligence: Jounin

~History/RP Sample~
History/Background Story: Night fell across the Jungle like a dark blanket. Unbeknownst to the villagers, there was a shadow moving through their village tonight. He ran through the entrance gate, two kunai flying out from underneath his cloak, killing the two gate guards almost instantly. He dashed through the village, his feet not even making the slightest sound as they came into contact with the ground. His movements’ unseen, he moved throughout the village with legendary speed towards the house of a particular chunin. He leapt high into the air, landing softly on the balcony of his targets house. The target was named Sarutoshi, and had been caught dealing with a renegade band of thugs causing trouble. He had been giving village secrets to the thugs that had helped them in staging attacks against the village. Of course, the village couldn’t find any proof themselves, and so had hired the Chinkonkishin to find proof, and if found, take him out. You would think that the village would have move villager loyalty, but if he was found a traitor, he was no longer a member of their village in their eyes. At least that was what they had told Roken. Roken was an intimidating figure, standing at six feet and five inches and of a very muscular build. He had a large bulk, which usually was not an acceptable trait in his way of life, but he had exception speed that none challenged it. He was a highly-ranked Assassin. He was in-fact the brother to the Grand Master of the Order, the older brother. Roken was nearing the end of his career; his age would soon begin to cause him to falter. Soon he would have to go into a behind-the-scenes strategic position, assisting his brother in the works of the Chinkonkishin. He shook the thoughts of retirement out of his head; he would continue his righteous work until the day when he collapsed. He was about to make his way into the house to complete the deed when he thought he heard a crunch behind him. He turned instantly and instinctively at the sound but could see no one.

Age must be getting to me. He thought.

He stepped down off the balcony and made his way into the room of Sarutoshi. The door opened without a noise, thanks to the use of Rokens wind chakra affecting the air around the door, making a cushion. He stepped into the room, removing a vial from the inside of his cloak. The liquid inside was of a deep purple colour, and had a misty green lurking in the very centre. It was an extremely powerful poison, and untraceable by any methods. He called it Arach, and Roken was the only man who knew how to make it, he did after all invent it. He removed the stopped from the vial, manipulating a small globule of the fluid out of the vial using a ball of air to encase it. His hand made subtle gestures as the orb of air floated through the room. It hung over the mouth of Sarutoshi, waiting. Roken eyed his target, waiting for the inevitable. His lips parted as he breathed in vital oxygen He released the orb of air, the small drop of poisonous liquid slipping into his throat. The Chunin swallowed his sub-conscious thinking that the tiny amount of liquid was simply saliva. Roken saw Sarutoshis throat move down and then up, signalling the success of his mission. He watched, waiting for the effects of the poison to take place. The eyes of his victim snapped open, his face alert with fear and anxiety. The muscles in his face contracted as he attempted to move his body. The first stage was in place, full-body paralysation and extreme pain, which would only get worse. Black veins began to stretch across the skin of Sarutoshi, his eyes wavering as the pain increased. It would feel like his insides were burning from the inside out, but the victim couldn’t move their mouth, and so they couldn’t even scream. It was silent torture, followed by silent death. Roken watched for a few more minutes as Sarutoshi slipped into the shadowy embrace of death. He put the vial back into his cloak and made his way back towards the door to the balcony. A figure was standing in the open door, a small figure, a child. Roken stopped instantly, his mind racing. This boy had seen him, which would compromise the organization if his word got out, but he couldn’t kill an innocent. He moved with his legendary speed, appearing next to the boy. His hand shot out from underneath his cloak, striking the small child in a pressure point. The boy slumped into the arms of Roken and the assassin moved out of the house and back towards the main base of the Chinkonkishin.

5 years later……

Rasuken ran through his morning training, practicing his ranged weaponry, nailing his knives into the centre of targets placed in various places of varying difficulty. He continued on through the course that was set as a training program for full-assassins, though he himself was just an initiate. Rasuken had a naturally gift, having risen to the rank of initiate at the age of ten, arriving at the Chinkonkishin at the age of five. He was taken here by his mentor Roken after he caught the assassin in the home of his uncle. He had always held resentment against his master, and he had even tried to escape a few times, being severely punished with each insurrection. He trained harder than most initiates, despite the fact that they were all quite older than him. He ran through the course, dodging obstacles high and low. He combated the few dummies in his way, taking them out quickly and efficiently with well-placed knockout and killing strikes. He continued with his training for most of the morning…his master watching from the shadows, ever impressed with the boy’s progress.

Seven years later……

His nose twitched, quivering as various aromas wafted into his nostrils. He smelt various things, the sweet scent of some nearby flowers, the bark of a few trees, some burnt wood, sweat, and…there! That was it, the smell he was looking for, the one that didn’t belong. He leapt to the side, dodging a knife as it flew from the bushes. He threw a knife of his own as he leapt sideways, hearing a groan before seeing a fellow initiate fall onto the ground. He hadn’t aimed a killing shot, but he wouldn’t be getting up anytime soon.

He leapt through the forest, heading towards the final destination. He had already passed every other test, now all he had to do was make it to the ending location to finish the test and become a fully fledged assassin. He dashed through the trees, leaping under and over branches, using them to propel himself further and faster. He landed outside the main headquarters, the finishing destination. He reached the bottom of the steps and looked up into the blinding sun above him. A sole figure stood at the top of the stairs, a dark silhouette against the radiant light of the sun. The figure leapt high into the sky before landing behind Rasuken. Their backs were turned to each other, but they slowly turned around face-to-face. Roken stood their, clad in fighting garb, simple leather armour with a single shoulder pad. In his right arm was a slim katana, pointing towards the ground, and in his left, a small curved dagger.

“This is your final test, my student.”

Roleplay Sample: (Played as Lisaos/Torkyn)

OOC: I'm leaving the background at that...because I wanted to save some of it for later writing. Smile
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Uchiha Rasuken
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