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     Kuroda Motonari

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    PostSubject: Kuroda Motonari   Sun Jan 30, 2011 6:37 am

    ~General Information~
    Name: Kuroda Motonari
    - Nickname: Shimmering Mirage of the Blizzard
    Age: 38
    Date of Birth: 7th of February
    Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
    Gender: Male
    Clan: N/A

    ~Character  Information~
    Appearance: Motonari wouldn't strike anyone as physically imposing, standing at 1.5 metres and weighing about 65 kg with an average build. Despite his not-so-intimidating frame, his brown eyes have been said to stare chilling daggers into the souls of adversaries, simply because the eyes just seem expressionless. On a few occasions have his eyes shown any real emotion and that is largely because such an occasion was significant to him. Brown hair flows from his head but straighten and seem to spike before touching his shoulders. Despite his age, his training, aversion to smoking, and the cooler climate have given the man a more youthful appearance.

    His Kage robes are a the traditional variety: white with a cap that has white cloth that drapes from the rim except for the front. The alternate colour that signifies the Hidden Village is a pale blue. Underneath is a lightweight full body, black outfit with flak padding designed and positioned in a way that would almost give the impression that Motonari was a Samurai. This is effectively his combat attire, when he removes his traditional robes.

    Personality: Motonari is very calculating, but a man of the village. He does not tolerate outsiders and travellers very well, especially given that there have always been organisations that would use any means necessary to further their own agenda at the expense of others. On the flipside, he is very kind to his fellow villagers and is always looking for ways to improve the Hidden Village. He has considerable faith in his fellow shinobi and kunoichi, and sees the younger generation as a window to the future of Hyougagakure.

    Other villages may see Motonari as treacherous and scheming, but those who know him and serve him know he acts solely in the interest of Hyougagakure. He cares little for the affairs outside of Blizzard Country.

    ~Clan  Information~
    Clan Link: N/A
    Ability Summary: N/A

    ~Rank/Village Information~
    Rank: [- Kage if possible. I won't have a problem toning down if that position isn't available.
    Village: Hyougagakure

    ~Skill Information~
    Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu - Genjutsu
    Elemental Affinity: Suiton (Obtained the ability to use Fuuton and Hyouton during his career as a Shinobi)
    Special Characteristics: High Chakra reserves, very analytical and cunning. Moderate Stamina and average Taijutsu ability, which is covered by his impressive Ninjutsu and Genjutsu prowess.

    Non-Elemental Jutsu:
    1.) Utsusemi no Jutsu [Projection Technique] D Rank. Allows Motonari to project his voice from all directions and angles, so that his hiding spot isn't easily discovered through sound.
    2.)Suimen Hokou no Gyou [Art of Water Walking] C Rank. Exactly what it says on the tin. This skill exerts fine control over the user's chakra, allowing them to walk on the constantly shifting mass of water.
    3.)Muteki [Invincible] C Rank. Fitting of Motonari's style, this Genjutsu makes the target feel like they are invincible, not even remotely fatigued or are on a roll in what they are doing, which causes them to be overconfident, ignorant to their body's condition.This Genjutsu is triggered by looking at Motonari.
    4.) Niseshi no Gijutsu [Art of Fake Death] A Rank – Best used after a particularly devastating attack, the Genjutsu tricks the target into thinking their attack killed or defeated their opponent, usually providing a chance for the user to make a sneak attack, or a withdrawal. Typically triggered by sight, since that is normally how a hit is made with various attacks.

    -Canon Non-ElementalJutsu-

    Elemental Jutsu:
    1.) Magen: Moufubuki [Demonic Illusion: Blizzard] C Rank. The target is tricked into believing that a blizzard has been summoned in the area. The sleet and the screaming winds make it hard for the user to be detected through sight and hearing. Can also make it harder for the victim to move thanks to the illusionary wind and snow. This Genjutsu it triggered by either feeling cold air or by looking at Motonari.
    2.) Suiton: Daibaku no Jutsu [Water Release: Great Explosion Technique] A Rank. This Jutsu creates a massive tidal wave that appears in all directions, crashing into each other and turning the area into a make-shift lake. A considerable amount of chakra is used for this jutsu as it is essentially reforming the terrain and able to cause considerable damage to the environment. It also provides an ample supply of water.
    3.) Fuuton: Daitoppa [Wind Release: Grand Blast] B Rank. By expelling the air and chakra, the user can practically level the majority of the area in front of them and reflect sound based jutsu back to their source.
    4.) Hyouton: Moufubuki - Hyouga no Buriza-do [Ice Release: Furious Snowstorm - Hyouga's Blizzard] S Rank. After completing a long string of hand seals, the user's eyes change to become completely white as a powerful blizzard engulfs the area, capable of halting entire armies and keep them struggling for quite some time. A secret technique to the Hyougagakure, it is capable of causing considerable damage to the environment if it's not already a snow-ice based one, and can cause severe frost related injuries to the unprepared.

    -Custom or Canon Elemental Jutsu-

    Stats: ✖Stats System
    Physical Stats
    Speed: Kage
    Stamina: Jounin
    Strength: Jounin
    Agility: Kage
    Physical Endurance: Kage
    Chakra Stats
    Chakra Reserves: Kage
    Chakra Control: Kage
    Intelligence: Kage

    ~History/RP Sample~
    History/Background Story:

    Born and raised in Hyougagakure, Motonari loved being in the village as much as his parents did. As a result of how the village has always been to him, the young boy grew up wanting to return the kindness as best he could, and so he enrolled at the Academy to become a ninja, to protect the tranquillity and camaraderie that he had known.

    Motonari had excelled at all of the basics taught at the Academy, which greatly impressed the Chuunin instructors as he was considered very young to be able to develop his skills. To gauge how he managed to perform so well, the young Motonari replied with a smile.

    “I want to keep this village safe. I've been so happy in the village and here that I really want to keep things this peaceful.”

    Hearing the young lad's drive was because of his desire to repay the village for providing him with a blessed childhood, the Chuunin instructors knew that he would make a fine shinobi. They knew Motonari would have issues in dealing with outside organisations that threaten the peace that the village had held for so many years, even if it meant killing. The Hyoukage visited on Graduation Day and saw each of the upcoming students. When she saw Motonari, and had a brief talk to him, she felt immense pride swell up inside. In the young Motonari, she felt there was a potential Hyoukage in the making, she knew it by how he looked at life and used it as motivation to push himself further and further.

    As a Genin, Motonari was extremely interested in what his elemental affinity was, mostly so he knew what he should prepare to learn, so he took the paper test. As the paper moved closer to the chakra that flowed from his hand, it began to dampen: a sign his natural affinity was Water. Motonari Focused his training to exert fine Chakra control as well as learn as much Ninjutsu as possible. He tolerated the basic D rank missions, but took each one as they came, knowing that they all have a purpose, even if it's small to him. It was also a way to help his village out, which certainly kept the boy going.

    The Chuunin Exams arrived, which had the young lad excited. He was thirteen at the time, and was eager to prove himself to everyone, and to himself, that he was capable of serving at a higher level. At this point, the young Genin's Water Ninjutsu had improved by leaps and bounds, along with the general non-elemental Ninjutsu, which gave the boy his own edge on the competition, however he hadn't invested as much time with Taijutsu and Genjutsu... that said he wasn't slacking off in those areas, he just didn't show as much interest. His intelligence and aptitude with Ninjutsu enabled him to defeat all of his opponents in the exam, as well as pass all of the challenges that came his way.

    Impressed, Motonari was promoted to Chuunin unanimously.

    Now a Chuunin, Motonari sought to expand on his abilities, now that he was taking on harsher missions. To that end, he took up learning Fuuton and Genjutsu, both of which he figured would prove to be very effective. Those who helped him grow, realised that his choice of element would lead to him being an Ice user if he really applied himself for it. Given that this village prides itself on its Ice Jutsu and the ice based clan that inhabited the area, it wouldn't be difficult for Motonari to find someone who could teach him the advanced elemental techniques and how to control and manipulate such an element.

    His studies in Genjutsu led him to experiment in sparring sessions with fellow Chuunin, and incorporate such skills in strategies when he knew they would work in life or death situations. His dedication to improving himself for the village inspired many who worked with him to better themselves, especially those younger and lower ranked than him. Fellow Chuunin and Jounin alike knew that Motonari would become an incredible shinobi thanks to his hard work and dedication, and the effect he had on the other shinobi and kunoichi didn't go unnoticed. The Hyoukage herself had heard of the boy's progress and how he was doing, which made her smile, knowing her gut was right when she saw the boy when he graduated. She decided that when he became a Jounin, she would teach him the way of Ice Release, but would wait until he was ready before he would consider him for the position.

    Motonari was twenty by the time he was recommended for Jounin status, which made him extremely happy. Days later, he was summoned to the Hyoukage's office, where she informed him of what she knew of his training. Knowing he had learned Wind Release and its jutsu, she knew that if he could apply himself, he could learn Ice Release. Excited, Motonari agreed to learn the complex art of Advanced Element Release without the aid of bloodlines. Ten years of constant training ensued, neither mistress nor pupil wavered, knowing it would take an incredible amount of time for someone without any special traits born from his blood to learn something that would take those gifted with inherited skills their Genin years to learn.

    Once he could finally use Hyouton properly, he set about learning Ice Release jutsu to expand on his remarkable skillset as he completed many missions during his tenure as Jounin. He held an immense respect for the Hyoukage, especially after the training she put him through to learn a skill that few outside of bloodline clans could ever hope to learn, and he held a lot of respect for the village and country he grew up in. During those years however, he grew distrustful of neighbouring villages. The missions he underwent had him deep in the near-by and distant nations, and a lot of what he saw had him appalled at how the people acted. Many organisations outside of Blizzard Country seemed intent on making lives more difficult for others, and it made Motonori realise just how privilaged he was to grow up in a peaceful village like Hyougagakure. It served to strengthen his resolve and make sure that his village didn't suffer from such corruption, and to ensure that Blizzard Country was well policed.

    Five years later, Karagime Tsuru, the Hyoukage, retired. She was satisfied with how her life was blessed in helping the people of Hyougagakure live peaceful lives, and was even more proud to be able to pass on her fabled Ice Release skill to another. Knowing that Motonari was an inspiration to all who knew him thanks to his incredible work ethic and motivation, she had no problems in passing the title to him. Humbled, Motonari graciously accepted the offer to take up the mantle of Kage and vowed to carry on Tsuru's work and maintain the peace she and every other shinobi and kunoichi worked so hard to maintain.

    Roleplay Sample: AnimeLeague's RolePlayer's Realm – Tip of the Spear (Name there is Treize Shi-Griv)
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    Kuroda Motonari
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