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 Cepeda Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Cepeda Hyuuga   Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:24 pm

Name:Cepeda Hyuuga
- Nickname: [Only applies for S Rank Ninja]
Date of Birth:August 3
Chinese Zodiac Sign:Rat
Gender: Rat
Clan: Hyuuga

~Character Information~
Personality:Cepeda, a somewhat passive guy. He is laid back, and happy Genin. Cepeda was born in Shipuugakure, he was always a jokester, always the one to have a smile on his face, or to bring a smile to another persons face.

~Clan Information~
Clan Link:Canon
Ability Summary:Gentle Fist/Byakugan, gives the user the ablitity to see the chakra network of his or her opponet, and the ability to see throuht there own blind spots.

~Rank/Village Information~
~Skill Information~
Skill Specialty:Taijutstu and Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity:Katon
Special Characteristics:Terrible in Genjutsu, but makes up for it in Taijutsu and Ninjutsu
[Provide the Special Characteristics of your Character. This can include a larger Chakra Supply and the like.]

Non-Elemental Jutsu:
1.)Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
2.)Eight Trigrams Rotation
3.)Protetion of the Eight Trigrams:Sixty Four Palms
4.)Eight Trigrams Air Palm

-Canon Non-ElementalJutsu-

Elemental Jutsu:
1.)Fire Style:Phoenix Flower Jutsu
2.)Fire Style:FireBall Jutsu
3.)Fire Style:Ash Pile Burning
4.)Fire Style:Dragon Fire Jutsu

-Custom or Canon Elemental Jutsu-

Physical Stats
Physical Endurance:Jounin
Chakra StatsJounin
Chakra Reserves:Jounin
Chakra Control:Chunin

~History/RP Sample~
History/Background Story:Cepeda Hyuuga, is a jounin of the Hyougagakure village. One of the few of the Hyuugas in the village. He is always being called for special errands, being used for his Byakugan. His abilities useful for recon and making Ninja Info Cards. Cepeda one of the strongest ninja in the village, has a reptutaion and a alias as the White Eyed Blizzard. Cepeda's family natives of the Leaf Village, is heavily criticized by many of the ninja in his village, but most of them are just happy he's on their side.

Roleplay Sample: The White Eyed Shinobi stands in front of the gates of Hyougagakure, waiting for the enemy to approach, many forest ninja arrive as one of them throws a punch of Cepeda, he guards but the rest pass him inside the village. They think they're are going to enter, but a ninja appears in front of them, and uses some mysterious jutsu that blew all of them away with a strong gust of the blizzard wind. Cepeda flies with them as they fly far away from the village, he finds it hard to find they rest of them. Cepeda puts his handsigns up as he summons the Byakugan. Cepeda notices the chakra of the enemy, they all stand up as they charge Cepeda, he jumps backward and does handsigns fireing several fireballs at the approaching Shinobi. "Phoneix Flower JUTSU!" The ninja dodging the attack, as they jump in the air and tackle Cepeda. Cepeda at the disadvantage comes up with heavy thinking as he body flickers into heavier of the storm. The ninja follow, but the blizzard alters their sight, as Cepeda used to the sight, he jumps them, wtih a kunai, he slashes at one of the ninja, he then throws it at another one. The ninja falls in the snow, as Cepeda jumps into the air, he does more handsigns "ASH PILE BURNING!" Cepeda spits Ash out of his mouth, the ninja engulfed in the smog, as he hears the coughs and wheeze of them, he closes his eyes, as the Ash forms into fire. The only thing heard left is the screams of the victims.
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PostSubject: Re: Cepeda Hyuuga   Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:02 am

Sorry about the delay there, I was waiting to see what the founder would have wanted with this site, so I can do things while they weren't here and get things running. Lethal/Web, if things aren't how you figured, lemme know.

Anyway, on to your bio:

Your appearance is lacking... well... everything. No image, no text that describes your character, just a probable reference to your avatar, which isn't up yet.

I picked up some inconsistencies while reading that profile. One of which is Cepeda's rank, where you mention Genin in the personality and Jounin in your Rank and History. The other was your village as you mention Hyougagakure and Shipuugakure in similar areas. If Cepeda originated from Hurricane, you'd need to include in your history how he came to Glacier without being killed from Hunter-Nin, and how you were accepted into the village.

Your history was also a bit lacking for a Jounin, since there's the Academy years, Genin and Chuunin years as well as the pre-Academy years to go through. I like a bit of story with characters, since it really helps me appreciate characters more and make me think they aren't generic. It also helps in going for applying for higher ranks since you would be able to show you can do well for sure (Not saying you can't =P ).

While it's not a huge issue, I would like to see some descriptions with your Jutsu, especially if there are custom jutsu.

If you can fix the majority of these issues, then I'll be happy to approve this.
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Cepeda Hyuuga
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