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 Jutsu Rules

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PostSubject: Jutsu Rules   Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:34 pm

Jutsu form the basis of all combat in the Naruto world, and on this board. In order for a technique to be used in combat, it must first go through an approval process.

Please read these guidelines thoroughly.


These are the basics of creating a jutsu, following our template.

Name: The name of the technique. Simple enough! You may call it anything you want in any language you want.

Rank: The rank of the technique, E, D, C, B, A, S with E being the lowest and S being the highest. There are limitations on which shinobi-level can perform which rank, see below for details. All elemental techniques (either basic of advanced) have a minimum rank of C.

A technique may have multiple ranks (ex. "Rank: C-A") but each ranked variant must be described in the Description portion of the template.

On occasion, the technique up for approval may encompass a wide range of abilities, for example a taijutsu or kenjutsu style, that is not a specific technique. In those instances, it is okay to leave the rank blank, or more frequently to add the level of mastery the character can use of the style. This is usually done by indicating the rank (ex. "Rank: Genin"). This cannot be used for specific techniques.

Range: The range of the technique from the user.

-Supplemental (meaning it effects the user itself)
-Short (0-5 meters), Medium (5-10 meters)
-Long (10 meters). For long range techniques, you may specify the maximum distance (ex. "Range: Far (50 meters)"). You may be asked by a mod to specify the distance, depending on your technique.

A technique may have multiple ranges.

Jutsu Type: Which discipline the technique falls into. The categories are Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Kenjutsu/Weapon Art, Medical Art, Summoning, Puppetry, Chakra Control.

Some techniques will have multiple types, for example a punch that uses a fire element to deal fire damage. In those case, types may be combined (ex. "Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu"; "Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu/Medical Art").

You may specify the technique's type for clarity if you wish. (ex. "Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu - Clan Ability"; "Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu - Medical")

Elemental Affinity: The element that the technique uses, either one of the basic or one of the advanced. Only one element can be used in a single technique. If a technique does not use an element, you may leave this portion blank.

Clan: If your technique is an ability granted to you by the character's clan, post the name, with a link in this section. This will need to be done for each and every clan art.

This is the most important section of the process. There is no line count or word count minimum, however the technique's description must be thorough. Thoroughness is determined by the moderator, and you may be asked to clarify or change portions of your description. It is thus to your advantage to be as clear and precise as possible.

All jutsu follow these basic formulations, so it might be good to use this as a guideline when you're creating them.

Activation: How is the technique activated? Physical arts simply perform the technique. Most ninjutsu, genjutsu, etc. are activated using handseals.

What is spent using this technique? The most common cost will be chakra. Some more powerful techniques may also be required to add additional cost, usually physical drawbacks during battle. Costs have to be immediate and measurable; things like "lowered lifespan" is not something anyone can enforce and therefore is not a proper drawback.

What does the technique do? Be thorough.

Appearance: What does the technique look like? This includes the area of effect that the technique has on the target as well as what it should look like to the other players. Typically, players should have a chance to dodge a technique, so try to make your techniques mostly visible.


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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Rules   Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:35 pm

Rules and Guidelines

This section is divided into two categories: Rules and Guidelines.

Rules are hard and fast decisions that may not be overturned, loopholed, or ignored without Admin approval. Don't worry, there aren't too many of them.

are how the moderators will be judging your lists. This now takes specialty of the character into account, so make sure you read them carefully. Guidelines may be bent, twisted, or broken so long as the moderator believes the exchanges are fairly balanced to the spirit of the site.


Number of Techniques

The maximum number of techniques you may include in your list is based upon rank. Please note that "Academy" jutsu like Transformation, Clone, Explosive Note Release (Ka) are all considered part of every shinobi's training and do not need to be listed and do not count toward a Genin's total number.

Genin - May have 25 total techniques. These are limited to D and C rank. A Genin may be allowed one incomplete B-rank technique to their list. Incomplete means that the technique does not work properly and causes complete chakra drain as well as physical drawbacks to the user. It is considered a "last ditch" or "finishing" move.

Chuunin - May have as many techniques as they wish. These are limited to E - B-rank techniques. Chuunin are also allowed three A-rank techniques to use as they wish, as well as one incomplete S-rank. Incomplete means that the technique does not work properly and causes complete chakra drain as well as physical drawbacks to the user. It is considered a "last ditch" or "finishing" move.

Jounin May have as many techniques as they wish, E - A rank. Jounin are allowed a total of 3 to 4 S-rank Techniques depending on the strength and nature of those techniques. It is up to the moderators if they will be allowed 3 or 4.

Kage/S-rank/Sennin - May have as many techniques as they wish. Previously there was a marked difference between Kages and S-ranks, but they are now considered on the same level. These characters are allowed 5 to 6 S-ranked Techniques. More may be added at the discretion of the moderator, but the overall character must remain balanced and fair. A moderator may also cap one of these characters below the limit if they feel the S-ranks are too powerful to remain balanced.

Technique limits beyond Genin were removed as it is unlikely any character will use all of their techniques in a single battle.

No character may have A or S rank techniques that do not fall under one of their character's specialties. The only exception are Kage/S-rank/Sennin level characters, who may have 2 A-ranked techniques in a non specialty.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Rules   Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:36 pm

Element Rules

All shinobi are allowed one element, which is the one they have a natural affinity for.

In order for a Genin to have an element, they must have a ninjutsu specialty (please read the specialty guidelines for more details, read all of it not just the ninjutus part or you'll be pretty confused). Additional elements are also granted as a result of that specialty.

Here's a handy chart.

Genin, (No Ninjutsu Specialty) - no Element
Genin (Ninjutsu Specialty) - 1 Element.

Chuunin (Carrying over Ninjutsu specialty from Genin) - 2 Elements
Chuunin (adding ninjutsu specialty at Chuunin) - 2 Elements
Chuunin (no Ninjutsu specialty at Genin, no Ninjutsu specialty at Chuunin) - 1 Element.

Jounin (Carrying over Ninjutsu specialty from Genin/Chuunin) - 3 Elements
Jounin (adding ninjutsu specialty at Jounin, did not have at Chuunin or Genin) - 2 Elements
Jounin (no Ninjutsu specialty) - 1 Element

Additional elements are not granted for obtaining a Kage/S-rank/Sennin rank up.

If that was confusing, here's a flow chart:

If this is still confusing, read the adorable story in the spoiler tag.


Once elements are chosen, they are not allowed to be changed.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Rules   Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:37 pm

Summon Rules

These summon rules supersede all previous ones. Currently approved summons need not follow these rules unles subjected to a Power Level Adjustment Hearing (P.L.A.H.)

Non-Summoner Specialty
If your character does not have a summoning specialty, these are the rules that apply.

- Characters are allowed one summon contract. You may not receive another, even if one is sought out IC. This one contract may be signed IC from an existing contract or may be added to the character either as a clan summon or simply as you wish to create it.

-This one contract may use any animal/creature, regardless if one exists for that animal/creature in another contract.

-This one contract may include up to 2 elements. There has been a reduction in order to maintain balance.

-The cost for summoning is equivalent to the rank of the creature summoned (ie. A-ranked creature requires A-ranked chakra), not the cost of using the Kuchiyose technique (which is significantly lower).

-Each summon has a limit in the number of techniques they hold. For reach rank, they are allowed one jutsu of their equivalent rank (ie. an A-ranked summon may have one A-ranked technique):

E Rank - 0
D Rank - 2
C Rank - 3
B Rank - 4
A Rank - 5
S Rank - 6

Summoner Specialty

Summoners have different conditions, see the specialty section below for more details (please read all of it.) The important thing to note however is that summoners do not have their own element, regardless of other specialties chosen.

-Summoners are allowed a "mixed contract" (explained below.)

-This contract is allowed 4 elements (1 of which can be an advanced element combination), due to the trade off of elemental power.

-Summons have the same jutsu limit.

E Rank - 0
D Rank - 2
C Rank - 3
B Rank - 4
A Rank - 5
S Rank - 6
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Rules   Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:38 pm

Genjutsu Addendum

Just a quick rule update. Genjutsu now require a "trigger" in their descriptions. Meaning one cannot simply cast the genjutsu on the target; they have to look at, feel, smell, or hear something to initiate it. PM a mod for help if you need it.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Rules   Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:39 pm

Forbidden Types of Techniques

The follow techniques or types of techniques are not allowed unless Admin consent is given (and that's probably gonna be pretty rare.)

Teleportation Type Techniques - A character cannot move throughout the field at will, regardless of explanation. This includes "Reverse summoning." These will not be allowed.

"Flash Step"/DBZ-speed Techniques - Any technique that grants the user such speed that it appears as if they are teleporting, in a sense instantaneous movement. These will not be allowed.

- Are not learnable or teachable. Variations or similar techniques may be created.

Rinnegan - This ability is locked.

Sharingan - This ability is locked to the few Uchiha left. If there comes a time when Uchiha are revoked, this ability will be locked. Sharingan may not be "stolen" "borrowed" "gifted" or "transfered" in any way without Admin approval.

Eye Transfers - The eye transfer is an extremely rare circumstance and as such receiving one from any clan, canon or otherwise is prohibited without Admin approval.

Custom Creations that are "similar" to locked abilities - These will not be allowed.

Senjutsu - While not strictly forbidden, they will not be allowed during "official" battles, such as wars or bijuu hunts. Tournaments and exams may also restrict its use. It is also locked to higher ranked characters and will not be given out lightly.

Genjutsu Immunity - While there might be abilities that improve resistance, there will no longer be any situation in which a target is completely immune to genjutsu.

Infinite, or near-infinite, chakra - Too imbalanced, regardless of the drawbacks.

Izanagi -type Genjutsu- Too strong to bend reality to that degree.

The 8 Gates - Locked to canon characters or characters who presently have them. Cannot be taught to new characters. Characters with the gates may be barred from using them in official battles.

Chakra Blasts - Too dangerous with our element configurations, plus this isn't DBZ. Close range chakra attacks are fine.

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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Rules   Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:39 pm


The objective of the moderators is a simple one: make sure things are fair.

Yeah, the rules seem a little daunting at first, but once you have them mastered you'll see that there's a lot of flexibility still. The moderator makes sure your idea doesn't crush over too many other people's ideas.

In the interest of keeping things fair, and keeping the site interesting, we've developed a bit of a system to get rid of the swarms of cookie-cutter shinobi on the site and make things a little more interesting. We're taking our previously unused/unimportant specialty system and making it way more important.

Again these aren't rules, so there's only a few hard-and-fast changes that result from the specialty system. The rest is just what the mods will be taking into consideration when they are looking at your character.

Please read all of this very carefully.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Rules   Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:40 pm


When you make your character, you pick a specialty.

Logically, if your character is a Genin and studies a particular field, by the time they are Jounin this is the field they would be the most well-versed in. Simple reason: time. If you've been reading books on Genjutsu since you were 11, you'll be very well versed in the subject by the time you're 27.

What this means is that the earlier specialties are going to be the one your character is the strongest in. As you add one per rank, these will be slightly weaker, since they are secondary disciplines.

What does that mean for approval? A few things.

Complexity and Power of techniques will be logically limited. If you start as a Genin with Taijutsu, then pick up Fuuinjutsu at Chuunin, then Genjutsu at Jounin, it doesn't make sense for your character to be able to create Tsukiyomi-type illusions. The character doesn't have the experience needed to make that kind of technique. However, if you want a complex taijutsu style, you have all the reasons in the world to have it.

Similarly, if you want a very powerful ninjutsu, then you're more likely to have it approved if you've had ninjutsu for a while.

This doesn't mean you can't create techniques outside of the specialty disciplines. You can. You just can't make the strongest ones.

Physical and Mental Conditioning is also affected. If you've studied Genjutsu a long time, you'll be naturally more resistant and more able to get out of it. If you've studied Taijutsu, your body is strong and can take a beating from just about anything. These conditioning modifiers have been used by many players before, but now this gives us a solid scale to utilize. This can also affect combat situations.

Characters start with one specialty and add them with each increasing rank, with a maximum of two specialties.

Some characters will start out with multiples if their clan configuration requires it. For example, a Hyuuga using the Jyuuken will start out with both Taijutsu and Chakra Control. The sacrifice for this is they will not be able to choose their second specialty when they reach Chuunin.

Please note that the list of Specialties is now different. You may have to adjust your character's specialties because of this. You may do so.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Rules   Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:41 pm

Breakdown of Specialties

Remember that these are guidelines and the bonuses/drawbacks can be altered with work from a mod.

Ninjutsu - The art of manipulating chakra in order to change reality. Genin are now required to use the Ninjutsu specialty if they wish to use an element at Genin. The reason for this is to improve specialization as well as the amount of time required in studying elements requires dedication to ninjutsu. Specializing in ninjutsu allows for more powerful and more complex ninjutsu, as well as the ability to understand and predict other ninjutsu being utilized against you. In general, a ninjutsu user will also have a more thoroughly trained chakra supply, particularly if this specialty is taken on at lower levels.

Genjutsu - The art of illusion. Genjutsu specialization allows the creation of more powerful illusions and resistance to illusions as well as identifying triggers. Genjutsu users will have a sharper mind than most. World-changing, mind-imprisoning techniques akin to Tsukiyomi will only be allowed by long-term Genjutsu users.

Taijutsu - The art of physical combat. Taijutsu specialization allows for invention of styles, increased strength, and chakra-enhanced Gai/Lee-style taijutsu attacks. Increases overall strength and/or speed of the character and makes them resistant to physical damage (even that by ninjutsu users, assuming the attack is blunt). Taijutsu users are also better at predicting physical attacks and have an increased chance of dodging against them.

Summoning - This is very different from its previous form. A summoning specialist is good at communing with odd creatures and has the ability to create a summoning contract. These are to be "mixed" contracts, where in the summoner's personal contract can contain animals/creatures of any kind, as many as they want (within other jutsu limits). Their mixed contract will have 4 elements assigned to it, though the elements chosen may be applied to any of the creatures on the list (ex. Fire Dog, Fire Cat, Fire Cow). As an exchange, summoners themselves will not have their own element. A summoner's strength is their summons.

Kenjutsu/Weaponry - Previously different specialties, now merged into one. A Kenjutsu/Weaponry expert understands how weapons are used and how the body can wield them, allowing them to create and defend against complicated attacks. Physical conditioning is also improved, but more importantly the ability to dodge and block (as absorbing a blow in a sword fight isn't usually an option). Weapon experts can also create scrolls capable of unleashing devastating attacks. Kenjutsu/Weapon experts tend to be tactical.

Fuuinjutsu - The art of sealing. Fuuinjutsu specialization allows for more powerful and complex seals, the ability to quick apply seals, and increased understanding of them, allowing for removal and adjustment, as well as duplication. Characters without this specialization may not apply such seals to themselves or other characters. Not having a Fuuinjutsu specialty earlier may limit your acess to more powerful and complex creations. Fuuinjutsu users can be very cerebral and intelligent.

Medical Arts
- The art of healing. Medical ninjutsu are limited to Chuunin and above, however the most powerful medical techniques can only be unlocked by those who have held the Medical Art specialty since the beginning. This makes the Genin years very hard since there is no element to fall back on and only physical healing to help their comrades. Still, the most determined and skilled medical-nin will find ways around these problems to become great life-bringers. Medics tend to be caring.

Puppetry - The art of using combat puppets. Puppetry specialization unlocks the Chakra String technique and allows them to create puppets in the equipment section. Higher ranked puppets are reserved for those who have held the puppetry specialization for longer periods of time. This also allows for prediction of other puppet weaponry and actions. Puppeteers tend to be very strategic.

Chakra Control - Now locked at Chuunin, increases control over chakra. This lessens cost of chakra-based techniques, and allows for the potential of creating close-range chakra attacks. Also allows for control of chakra within the body to improve certain body functions. "Sensor" type shinobi (those who can sense the presence of other chakra signatures like Karin) are also chakra control specialists. Chakra Control specialists tend to have higher stamina and a greater grasp on the controlling aspects of their jutsu.

Advanced Element, Non-Bloodline - Locked to Jounin. If a character has two elements when they reach Jounin, they may choose to use this specialty instead of another to activate the choice of Advanced Elements. This prevents every character from having them, and creates different specialization amongst Jounin. Jounin who choose not to use the AE specialty can have 3 basic elements, or wait until they reach S-rank to select it and have their advanced element. This does not need to be used if your character has a KG that allows for an advanced element. You in essence, get that one for free. Advanced Element users have extreme control over their elemental abilities and will have an easier time creating more powerful techniques.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu Rules   

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Jutsu Rules
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