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 Bijuu Application

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PostSubject: Bijuu Application   Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:43 pm

Bijuu Application
Bijuu Name:
Bijuu Rank:
Bijuu Appearance:

[Type of Seal Used to Seal The Bijuu Within Your Character.]

Bijuu Control:
[Your Control of Your Bijuu. See Bijuu Workout]

Bijuu Personality:

~Abilities & Forms~

Jinchurikii Form:

Tail Forms:

Full Release Form:

[b]Bijuu Name[/b]:
[b]Bijuu Rank[/b]:
[b]Bijuu Appearance[/b]:

[Type of Seal Used to Seal The Bijuu Within Your Character.]

[b]Bijuu Control[/b]:
[Your Control of Your Bijuu. [i]See [url=]Bijuu Workout[/url][/i]]

[b]Bijuu Personality[/b]:

[u][b]~Abilities & Forms~[/b][/u]

[b]Jinchurikii Form[/b]:

[b]Tail Forms[/b]:

[b]Full Release Form[/b]:
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Bijuu Application
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