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 Implant/Surgery/Stolen KKG Guidelines

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PostSubject: Implant/Surgery/Stolen KKG Guidelines   Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:30 pm

Credit Goes to Naruto Ingoo:

It has been brought to the attention of the staff that implanting KKG's has been increasingly popular both in the canon Naruto Verse and on the site. Thus far the practice has been freelance seeing as how rare it was. Due to it's new found fan base it now has to be structured and monitored. Keep in mind that this is not done to interfere with the creativity of the player or to interfere with said goals but to provide overall balance to the site. Surgeries such as these are extremely dangerous and thus the possible risks and dangers must be added. Every surgery will not be a success. This guide will try to be as realistic as possible when it comes to performing such tasks and balance out the difficulty with the benefits.

Who can Perform the implants/surgeries?
Only those with medical jutsu as their primary specialty can perform the procedure. The medic has to be of A-Rank or higher but due to the experience barrier it is more difficult the lower the rank of the medic. The procedure goes as follows:

A-Rank Medics-Total of 12000 words to perform the procedure/Patient must heal for 1 real life week.

S-Rank medics-Total of 6,000 words to perform the procedure/Patient must heal for 4 real life days.

SS-Rank medics-Total of 3,500 words to perform the procedure/Patient must heal for 2 real life days.

*Healing means that the character cannot be rped in any other conditions other than hospitilized in a single topic. Any attack on a character who is within his healing bracket is a auto hit due to their vulnerability unless a 3rd part intervenes.

What kind of surgeries can be done?
Only doujutsu and whole body parts can be implanted. No cellular BS or tissue graphing.

What do medics need in order to perform the surgeries?
1. Medics need a medical jutsu that targets the area of surgery they are performing.(i.e. Eyes,arms,legs,heart etc. These jutsu can be no less than A-rank.
2. They need an A-ranked or above healing jutsu.
3. They need a B-Ranked or above sterilizing jutsu.
4. If transporting, they need a A-ranked or above preservation jutsu.

The patient gets a KKG bonus what do the medics get?
If the surgery is turned in the medics will recieve a 10% PAC bonus on points.

Core Rules:
1. Genin KKG may not be taken.
2. You do not get the jutsu that the person who previously owned it had. You must train them from scratch.
3. Only SS-Rank medics are experienced enough to perform the surgery on themselves.(They do not receive PAC bonus for this).
4. If the surgery is not completed within 48 hours rl time then the patient dies from loss of blood.
5. Only 1 Implant/Sugery per person obviously.
6. If taking a doujutsu the doujutsu will remain active unless covered taking the activation cost in chakra each post.(The only clans exempt are those that are closely related by blood or branch clans like Senju and Uchiha).
7. Implanted KKG are capped out at 1 Rank lower than the character(The only clans exempt are those that are closely related by blood or branch clans).
8. Implanted KKG are limited at adding only one bonus element.
9. A link must be provided upon update where the surgery was performed and checked by a moderator.
10. No one can start off with an Implant.
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Implant/Surgery/Stolen KKG Guidelines
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