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 Mission & Training System

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PostSubject: Mission & Training System   Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:19 pm

Credit Goes To Naruto Ingoo for the Idea:

This mission system was developed in order to provide a more realistic role playing experience. In this system, the participants are rewarded in a variety of ways. Reputation with NPCs and Players is gained whenever a mission is complete. In addition, a reduction on the word count requirement to train a new jutsu is also provided.

The mission system is quite simple. Mission completions are now like applications. When a mission is completed, a capable moderator will move the Mission Application to a section where it will be read over and verified. Once done, the mission will go in an Approved Missions section, where it will be counted towards your character as a completed mission of the respective rank. Each player is responsible for keeping track of how many missions he or she has done. In order for this to happen, it is recomended that the user place their mission count in their Ninja Profile, where a given list is provided for you. In order to use the list, there is a box that says "Edit" or "Modify". Click the provided box. When you click the box, it will bring up a section where it has each given catagory and a number. You're then able to modify that number to increase or decrease the amount of missions that you have completed. Please do not add in progress missions to your mission count. Do not modify the mission count to show a false number. Those who do so will be discovered and will be required to complete the difference in the number of missions before they can take any benefit from the incentives listed above. It is possible to recieve bonus credit from doing an exceptional job on a mission. A reward for better thought out, better role played missions will be provided. Extra missions added to your mission count for ensuring the mission is done in a realistic, efficient, well written fashion will be the most common bonus. Other bonuses may include special items, character titles, character reputation bonuses, and other bonuses or specially recieved character modifications may be obtained.

Jutsu Training Word Count Reduction by finished missions.

The amount of missions, the level of mission, and the level of technique desired all effect how long the training post for a new technique is. Each technique has its' own special level, within the basic guideline. Each mission has its' own special level depending on the intensity and quality of the mission. Due to the amount of missions that will be gone through, if the following guidline is to be modified, it would be based on bonus system provided in the previous description of the mission system. In order to obtain a reduced word count for training a technique, you must remove a mission count equal to the desired bonus. It is possible to instantly learn a technique without having to post a topic on the technique by sacraficing a given amount of missions. The given table is used when recieving a word count reduction when training techniques:

E Ranked Mission: 400 Word Count Reduction
D Ranked Mission: 600 Word Count Reduction
C Ranked Mission: 800 Word Count Reduction
B Ranked Mission: 1000 Word Count Reduction
A Ranked Mission: 1200 Word Count Reduction
S Ranked Mission: 1400 Word Count Reduction

For example, if you have 5 S ranked missions done, you can likely learn a new S ranked technique by sacraficing a number of those S ranked Missions without having to post a topic. The technique will then be added to your profile when you show this to a staff member who is permitted to do so.

Training Jutsu Word Count

After creating a jutsu in Jutsu Creation it will be approved. But, it will not be officially approved until you train the jutsu in an IC topic that meets the following requirements for each ranked jutsu. For each jutsu you have there is a word count. The higher ranked the jutsu, the higher the word count.

E Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 400 Words

D Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 600 words

C Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 800 words

B Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 1000 words

A Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 1250 words

S Rank Jutsu/Weapon= 1800 words

If your a genin, you can not have B, A, or S Rank Jutsu, Chuunin can not have A, or S Rank Jutsu so do not think you can make a jutsu higher than your rank and train it and think it will be approved.

Summoning Training:
For Summons you must train the Actual Summon, and all the Jutsu the Summon has.

Element Training:
If you failed to Update your character app when you increased in rank, (By choice or by forgetting) you can obtain the element by writing a 2000 word post on obtaining it. You CANNOT Swap elements or train More then 2 elements.
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Mission & Training System
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